DIDI MARCHI was born in Brazil, where she worked as a Psychologist for 36 years. Moving to the United States in 1989, to Michigan, she started art classes and began to paint and sculpt. It was while comparing the Brazilian sunny and bright days with the snowy and dark days of Michigan that DIDI discovered her love for capturing mesmerizing Horizons, in all of their colorful explosions. Creating those colorful paintings was one way to “survive”.





I have explored a variety of directions and themes over the years, but the dripping in all my paintings is my signature. Although the painting is abstract in form, the title suggests that it represents something. Inspiration from nature, the unconscious risks and adventure play a very important role in my art. Every canvas is a journey in and of itself.  A canvas may be shaped by altering its outline, losing its flatness and assuming a three dimensional surface. Changing the surface configuration of the painting transforms it into a sculpture. The painting process is done onto a non-stretched canvas which is either tacked onto a wall or laid on the floor. The pigment is poured onto the canvas or paper avoiding, in many circumstances, the need for brush strokes. A fluid use of colors runs throughout the work and mixes together. The pictures are generally large and evoke a unique sense of openness and delicacy; the abstract quality of the final picture, the spontaneity of colors and the random quality of staining are the most important elements of my abstract expressionist paintings. These works offer a dose of the unexpected; they challenge the mind and stimulate the eyes.

As a sculptor I use the “art of lost wax” technique. After the creation of the piece in clay (water or oil base), I send it to the foundry to cast into final bronze sculpture.





Oficina de Pintura Contemporânea MUBE | Aug 97 – Dec 98

Sergio Romanolli, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Oficina de Pintura Contemporânea MUBE | Aug 97 – Jun 99

Leda Catunda, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Oficina de Escultura Contemporânea MUBE | Jan 96 – Jun 97

Cleber Machado, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Master Molding in Polyurethane, Politek Lebanon NJ, USA 1994

Sculpture in Bronze – Midland Center for the Arts 1993

Thayer Russel, Delta College University Center MI, USA

Independent Study in Painting – Delta College University Center 1991

Larry D. Butcher, Saginaw MI, USA





Consulate of Brazil in Miami, USA

Embassy of Brazil | Tokio, Japan

Consulate of Brazil in London, England

Embassy of Brazil in London, England

AGIP – Ultragaz S.A.| São Paulo, Brazil

Condominium Morada do Sol | Santo André SP, Brazil

Charm Hotel Lake Villas | Amparo SP, Brazil

Clube Paineiras do Morumbi | São Paulo, Brazil

Fundiҫão Alujet | Valinhos SP, Brazil

Condominio Dupre Center | São Paulo, Brazil

Represented in over 50 private collections




DUO ART GALLERY: 1654 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135